Saturday, November 20, 2010

los hombros toman el sol y la luna

This month has been full of peace, deep self-exploration...

And sharing.

A couple of weeks ago, Zach received a call from an Arkansas girl who's been hitch hiking across Europe for two years. She needed a place to rest, so we opened our home to her...give and you shall receive. This is the most valuable piece of advice I think anyone can learn.
This is Rose: a compassionate human being who embraces the principle of community and loves people without judgment of any kind. While she's stayed here, she has never failed to thank us profusely, all while keeping our cabinets stocked and welcoming us home with her super tasty, innovative meals. Not to mention, she's a get-your-hands-dirty-don't-bite-your-tongue, opinionated feminist that has loads of stories to tell...and I have to admit, she has that rough, southern woman attitude mixed with an abundance of hospitality that makes me miss home.

So for the time being...until Rose gets the itch to move again and leaves us for uncharted territory, our little Spanish home is now an even four people. I will listen constantly, write down all of her wisdom in my journal, and get to working on all of those DIY (do it yourself) skills that are necessary for decreasing our footprint on the Earth and helping sustain the balance this world needs.

With that said, here are some current DIY projects we are working on:

making sauerkraut with leftover cabbage

making homemade books! this is Rose's little work station...she made a load of books in one week and has been teaching us the tricks of the trade.
playing the guitar! Hill is already a very talented musician, so she's been giving me lessons. I pay her in coffee and tea dates.
...and knitting!
I encourage everyone to DO IT YOURSELF. It's rewarding and your brain will thank you for it.


  1. You know I'm all about DIY! Rose seems delightful...enjoy your time together. I found her sister's shop on blogspot.

    I'm going to start making stuff after the holidays and take it up there and see what they think.

    Love you

  2. Mom, that's the shop that I told you about selling my stuff in...

    Rose seems amazing. Glad you're learning such neat things. Now get that internet so we can talk about it! haha just kidding, i know you're trying : )