Monday, December 20, 2010

navidad, navidad, dulce navidad

Christmas is sneaking up on me here. Without the constant flow of festive cakes and cookies from my Momma back home, I've lost that sense of holiday belonging. Right now I would be back home, cozy and warm next to a fireplace with a glass of wine, indulging in holiday treats. But here, that warm feeling of festivities and family is fleeting. Sure, I find it hidden in the little grins of my students, and once in a while it takes me by surprise when I'm passing by little shops decorated in Papa Noel and the Three Kings. But mostly, it feels like a dream.

This weekend, however, I spent a night celebrating the season with my little pocket of friends here in La Linea. The party was an eclectic mix of Americans and Spaniards, and I was pleased (nearly shocked) at my ability to switch back and forth between the two languages. It was that "ahh hah!" moment you hear about.

And so, I dressed as festive as my humble wardrobe here in Spain would allow. We were asked to bring a gift for the White Elephant swap, so I brought a tetera (which is a miniature french press). Something practical, and not to mention, cheap! After a few glasses of wine, buttered rum, and pomegranate vodka, everyone was good and drunk...I mean...good and ready to play the White Elephant game. It's not a typical game here in Spain, but the Spanish people loved it.
 Bekah with her gift: two packs of cigarettes and an assortment of condoms.
 Becky with the tetera I bought and Carly trying to persuade someone to steal her tomato
 Gonzalo opening planter? What the hell is that thing?
 And Katlyn lost her Bart Simpson mug to Gonzalo for the Cat thing. Tragedy.
Marta and Maribel swapping gifts!

As the night progressed, we found ourselves lost in conversation, a little inebriated and full of the energy that the season offers. It truly felt like Christmas, even if for just a moment. I'm grateful to my friends here for making these occasions, which could so easily be lonely, full of love and laughter.

A few more glimpses of the night:
 Me and Carly
 And this is when drunk Becky dropped the tetera, and broke it. R.I.P.

 random assortment of gifts: condoms and cigs, Jewish candle, and a ceramic puppy?

When my turn game around, I picked the gift that looked most like a book (yes, I'm nerd, but a proud one at that!). And luckily, it was a book! The best gift there in my opinion...100 of the Best Curses and Insults in Spanish. Thank God I've found a way to further my college education.

I think I'll


  1. I love the Santa headband! Your outfit is quite cute, actually! You have always had a love for book, you and your sister both! Glad you were able to have some Christmas fun....I sure do miss having you home eating cookies & drinking wine with me. Love you, baby bear!

  2. The celebration looks like it was a lot of fun. To bad Becky broke the tetera. She looks like she could have used a strong cup of coffee. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. Love you Meganite!